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Our weighted blankets are engineered to be 10-12% of you body weight. This provides the optimal comfort through out the night. Unsure on what blanket is right, take our free weighted blanket quiz.

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LOTUS Plush 2.0
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This blanket is the best sleep investment Ive ever made! I have always been a restless sleeper. Always waking at several times through the night. The research on weighted blankets is what impressed me most to give it a try. I have slept more soundly my first 4 nights with this blanket than I have in years! And Ive tried everything including low dose medical prescriptions. I havent taken that all week!

Debra G.

LOTUS Plush 2.0


Amazing customer service, great communication and quick delivery. The Lotus Plush (20 LB) was a gift for my daughter. She was excited to receive the gift and said the blanket helps her quickly settle into a deep sleep and stay sleeping, loves the cozy fabric, and she can’t imagine not having it now! Highly recommend both the product and the company!

Shelly H.

LOTUS Plush 2.0


I wish I could rate this company and their Lotus Air 2.0 10 stars! This blanket feels like a hug from your most favourite person in the world 😊 
Hands down, the absolute best customer service I have ever received from any company! 
Thank you!!


LOTUS Air 2.0


This is my first weighted blanket I’ve owned. I was extremely impressed with the thickness of the fabric. It’s soft, comfortable, and well made. The stitching is great. I didn’t have any loose threads or imperfections. The weighted beads are distributed evenly.

I have suffered from anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia for several years. This has been wonderful for me because I don’t get overly heated when sleeping. It does hold in heat some, as it is a heavier blanket, but it isn’t too bad. It’s also wonderful to have on me when relaxing to watch tv. It helps with my anxiety a lot.

Jessica M.

LOTUS Adjustable Pillow


Love this pillow. I've been searching and searching and buying new pillows for a few years. Always waking with some stiffness and sometimes unbearable neck pain. This pillow is amazing. I had to take out some stuffing as it suggests you might depending on body size shape etc. I have had a wonderful sleep ever since. Definitely would recommend. ♥️♥️♥️ No pain since. Been sleeping on it for a month now.


LOTUS Adjustable Pillow

LOTUS Air 2.0

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LOTUS AIR 2.0 - Cooling Weighted Blanket

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